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The O.M.N. grinding machines have been developed carefully on the basis of our experience gained over a long period using excellent materials and carrying out careful workmanship.

Grinding machines
Surface grinder B400 made in 1960

The company over the years ...

In 1995 the Chamber of Commerce of Milan conferred the gold medal to the company for the endeavours over the years in the field of machine tools manufacturing, for its seriousness and for the quality of the products.

At present our manufacturing range of machine tools enables us to satisfy the requirements coming from the national and international markets.

SINCE 1956

O.M.N. have been manufacturing and designing machine tools

SINCE 1960

we have been manufacturing Surface grinding machines

SINCE 1970

we have expanded our activities to the foreign market


are manufactured entirely in Italy


The O.M.N. manufacturing range comprises six models of Surface grinding machines. The manufacturing range comprises Grinding machines with fixed table, swivel table, rotary table and automated rotary table. Our company is able to satisfy the requirements coming from different industrial fields: high-precision mechanics, moulds and dies for plastics and steel, rolling mills, sheet-metal processing for sharpening of punches and matrixes, textile industry, aeronautics, automotive industry, ship-building, machine tools, robotics, tools for wood-working, foodstuff industry, household appliances, tooling, laboratories for material testing on steel and concrete, technical institutes and schools.

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